What’s in my bag ?


I always find the what’s in my bag posts lot of fun to look at and I’m always little bit curious what other people carry in their everyday bag.

My bag is from Karen Millen, you can’t buy it anymore, because it’s from an older collection. I like the handle and also that I can carry it as cross body. It makes everything easier when I’m in the city and running some errands.

I keep my documents in this light blue card holder, it’s compact and quite practical. If I’m in a hurry I sometimes forget to put mascara on, so I do it sometimes afterwards. At the moment I really like this Catrice mascara. It’s almost as good as my Lancôme one or any high street mascara.

For an extra touch ups I use this mini Clinique BB cream, it covers well and you can’t go wrong with it.

I also carry this simple pot of vaseline in my bag, recently my lips really need to be protected from the cold weather.

Of course I have my phone (always in a some kind of a case), because I do not like any marks on it. When I’m travelling with bus or a train I like to listen to some music. These Sony wireless headphones are amazing. And another techy thing is my  new apple watch, it makes everything so much easier and I love it. I can see my notifications on the go, use it to control my music, send messages, call etc.

I’m a huge coffee lover, but I also like tea, so some herbal and green tea is handy to take always with me.

As a lens wearer I recently bought this mint green box for them. Haven’t used it yet, but if something happens with my lenses then i have a place to put them on the go.

A pair of sunglasses is also a must in my life, even though it’s “raining cats and dogs” I might need them some point.

A pen, keys and a hair band come also useful.

That’s about it.

Have a great week and don’t forget your keys!


Mary Mouse

Autumn inspiration edit


Key items for this season >

1 # Dream high / long military inspired coats are your new best friend

2 # Trouble maker jacket / Bomber jacket adds that cool attitude to any outfit

3 # Embroidered garden / Flowers, patches, fun details on knitwear

4 # Silky comfort / High neck blouses with autumnal colours 

5 # Good bye standard denim / Mom- boyfriend-girlfriend jeans you name it…

6 # Cute and crazy patterns / Long sleeve cute dresses, more is better

7 # Go for a brogue / Yes, Stella- these are just awesome shoes. 

8 # Lace up! / Great pairing with any of your autumnal wear



small autumn chat


Recently I was browsing in internet about fun things to do in autumn. For example kick some leaves and someone suggesting to start knitting a scarf. I found them quite hilarious.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The weather ables to wear lots of layers and I like the fall colours more than summer ones. Burgundy, dark navy, earthy and rusty tones and grey, aubergine…and of course black is back.

I like pretty standard activities in fall time, like going to the cinema, eating in a cosy restaurant, baking cookies or a wintery cake ( I love the smell of a warm cake in the oven), and being at home and drinking thousands litres of tea.

I also like finding ideas in internet how to decorate home and I’m really into lighting decor and at the moment I would like to make our guest / my clothing room more interesting and cosy.

And I’m for a hunt for a nice heavy curtains and pendant lamp at the moment.

3 random but great ideas for the coming season …

How you can make world a better place? Being the greater version of ourselves. 

Make something for someone. Give with no expectations. 

Be totally open with someone. People often keep to much in theirselves. Sometimes it’s good to let others know how you feel. 

Have a great fall.  And be gentle with the leaves… you do not have to kick them 😉



Clothes and I


Foto from few years ago. Still one of my favourite ones. This dreamy lace dress is by Karen Millen.

Fashion and style are two are very different things, when people describe their choices with clothing. Style is something what you always will have and fashion is what everyone has at the moment. Even though we like to ignore big fashion trends, they always come slowly in our wardrobe…sometimes it can take time.

I think I always think for different styles when choosing my outfits. But I do admire french style. Bare legs, minimalistic, simplicity, quality outerwear pieces, red lipstick and nonchalant shiny wavy hair.

Mixing feminine pieces with more masculine is also something I love in clothing. The old classics is definitely the lace dress with the leather moto jacket combo.

And wearing together higher end pieces with lower end ones. By that I mean wearing Armani dress with Zara boots for example.

When it comes to fabrics, I can be quite critical. I tend to choose more natural fabrics like silk, cotton, silk and cotton mix and wool. I always check the construction of the clothing and the linings have been made of good fabrics and even how good quality have the buttons.

Dots or stripes ?

Depends of the size of the polka dots and style of the stripes. But I do like dots on clothes. I think it adds that cuteness and has more vintage vibe.

And what would be even nicer, is wearing a striped skirt and polka dot top together in the same outfit. Style can be more playful and less serious.

Recently someone asked, where I buy my clothes. I buy them from everywhere, I like small italian boutique pieces, vintage clothes with history, trifted items and clothes with character and I am someone who is always browsing in internet. If i see something I like, I might buy it.

Brands and style I admire are french ones like Maje, Sandro, Chloé, Céline.

Floral prints and bow details are also my big weakness.

I would like to try out more different styles this year and be more creative with clothes.

I have never been fan of the colour blue, but navy suits with my skin tone and hair quite well. Maybe more navy clothes than always black.

And being happy never goes out of style.

Until next time.



seven random things I love


Autumn feels always like a fresh start of the year. New beginnings. New season and never giving up.

Today I’m sharing seven random items that I have been loving for the past months. By random I really mean that – food and fashion all in the same jar.

Weather has been tropically hot for the recent weeks. After coming back from Spain, the warmth in the Netherlands seems not coming to an end.

Sometimes it’s okay to sleep on the living room floor, because the bedroom feels like Sahara.

I remember that four years ago, when I came to Netherlands, the warmth was almost the same. But you can’t rewind the time…


I always appreciate a good cup of coffee, but there are also lots of different teas in my tea collection.  A herbal starmint goodness with liquorice, anise, fennel and mint is something I have been craving almost every evening.

Another food theme favourite have to be the roasted eggplant / aubergine dip with tomato and egg. The original name of that Persian dish is Mirza Ghassemi. I saw one youtube recipe and after that I’m hooked on this. So easy to make and delicious option.

Beauty wise the Clinique smart custom-repair moisturizer has been the best find. If you never tried it, you don’t know what you have been missing.

I started using Aussie hair products again. After washing my hair with it I really noticed a difference in texture. For my natural non dyed hair it does wonders. But everyones hair and skin reacts to products differently.

Floral printed items are my real weakness. Wearing this floral jumpsuit makes me every time just feeling so happy. And if it gets colder I add some black tights or leggings and it’s transformed from summer to autumn look.

Another favourite is my cream coloured lace cardigan – I literally have been living in it. For a provocative look I really like to compare lacy items with playful things like dungarees or something unexpected. Feminine meets boyish style or something in that direction.

Forget that colouring books are meant for children. Adult colouring books are quite calming after using constantly all kinds of technology.

I love creativity and using it does focus me away from my day to day worries. Nobody has a perfect life. I try to appreciate and be grateful what I have.

Live the life.