Picking out products to take with my when I travel is usually quite an easy peasy task. I’m hoping to take these items into my hand luggage, so I don’t have to worry that they would be lost or delayed with the normal baggage.

Of course when I travel with plane, soon as I arrive to the hotel

I like to wash my face with a purity face wash by dr. van der Hoog.

I find this product very mild and creamy and it’s 100 ml, so that makes it perfect for the liquids rule what airports have.

Another great discovery from a same brand is this Goodnight wrinkles night mask,

it almost has no colour, so you could use it already on the flight.

In the morning it leaves my skin soft and plumpious for the rest of the day.

Chapped lips  is something what many people suffer, when travelling.

This Estonian brand JOIK lip balm has been everywhere with me,

because it’s one of the best lip balms I ever used. It has a divine orange scent and it’s 100 % natural product.

Continuing with the orange theme, I also like to bring some kind of a body cream with me.

Rituals has this amazing Touch of Happiness rich, nourishing body cream. It has a small cute packing and when you finish it, you don’t have to bother yourself bringing it back home.

Sudocream is a really cult product, but it’s just so multifunctional, that can’t be left behind.

After many days under the sun, a gel with aloe vera is soothing and acts as a perfect base under make up.

Last item is a Burberry perfume.

I tend to bring my current favourite with me, even though it has the most travel – unfriendly  packaging.

These were the seven products I relay on when I’m on the go.

Summer in the Netherlands has been boiling hot recent past weeks,

so I try to enjoy it much as I can…

End of next month I may need these products again… let’s see if I take these choices with me.

Let’s have a great summer.