Foto from few years ago. Still one of my favourite ones. This dreamy lace dress is by Karen Millen.

Fashion and style are two are very different things, when people describe their choices with clothing. Style is something what you always will have and fashion is what everyone has at the moment. Even though we like to ignore big fashion trends, they always come slowly in our wardrobe…sometimes it can take time.

I think I always think for different styles when choosing my outfits. But I do admire french style. Bare legs, minimalistic, simplicity, quality outerwear pieces, red lipstick and nonchalant shiny wavy hair.

Mixing feminine pieces with more masculine is also something I love in clothing. The old classics is definitely the lace dress with the leather moto jacket combo.

And wearing together higher end pieces with lower end ones. By that I mean wearing Armani dress with Zara boots for example.

When it comes to fabrics, I can be quite critical. I tend to choose more natural fabrics like silk, cotton, silk and cotton mix and wool. I always check the construction of the clothing and the linings have been made of good fabrics and even how good quality have the buttons.

Dots or stripes ?

Depends of the size of the polka dots and style of the stripes. But I do like dots on clothes. I think it adds that cuteness and has more vintage vibe.

And what would be even nicer, is wearing a striped skirt and polka dot top together in the same outfit. Style can be more playful and less serious.

Recently someone asked, where I buy my clothes. I buy them from everywhere, I like small italian boutique pieces, vintage clothes with history, trifted items and clothes with character and I am someone who is always browsing in internet. If i see something I like, I might buy it.

Brands and style I admire are french ones like Maje, Sandro, Chloé, Céline.

Floral prints and bow details are also my big weakness.

I would like to try out more different styles this year and be more creative with clothes.

I have never been fan of the colour blue, but navy suits with my skin tone and hair quite well. Maybe more navy clothes than always black.

And being happy never goes out of style.

Until next time.