It’s middle of June and summer vacation time is crawling closer. July and August are the busiest holiday occasions. Maybe it’s better to stay here in Netherlands, because many people are away and finally peaceful in here. Dutch summers are usually sunny and pretty warm, so no complains from a person coming from north-east side of Europe. If I need to compare summer in Estonia and in the Netherlands, then summer months last here longer and it can be very warm also in October. That suits me well, finally chance of a summery-birthday celebration. At the moment it’s gloomy and rainy again…

This year we decided to go on a sunny holiday. Looking at the vacations makes me already feel excited. There are so many amazing places to visit. This week has been searching for a perfect offer… perfect is obviously a relative term. Nothing is perfect.

Also I need to find some decent pet hotel / care for my guinea pigs, while we are away.

I can’t wait to wear these beaded Luna hand made sandals. They are perfect for a beach day and even more perfect for a dinner date.

Overpacking my suitcase …well, that’s why suitcases have wheels now.

What makes you excited for this summer?