Joico K- Pak color therapy Shampoo 300 ml :

Overall great shampoo. Since I have my own hair color almost all grown out, I don’t need any fancy shampoos.

I remember buying Joico brand for years, when I had my hair blond, then it was one of my favorites.

I got this Joico set as a present while ago, and I still really liked using it.

My hair felt very luxurious though, but I’m not sure if I would purchase it again by my own.

And I wish these products had a pump.

Joico K-Pak color therapy Conditioner  300 ml :

Also awesome hair product, which left my hair effortless and sleek.

As well as shampoo, this product last me I think about half a year.

I wash my hair mostly every other day, so I think it lasted for a long time.

I’m going to miss this product.

De Tuinen Scrub cream Mexican Cactus 150 ml :

Very creamy scrub, it almost felt like using some rich body cream with natural bamboo particles.

It had quite subtile scent, so nothing too scented like some scrubs are, that all your bathroom smells like artificial flower bomb.

 It left my skin very soft and silky after using it.

I remember when I bought it, the person at the store said I could also use it to scrub on my face.

But on the back of the product I read later that do not use it on face.

I would never recommend to use anything harsh like a mechanical scrub.

Or use it only on few areas on the face, not all over. I’m interested to try more products from this dutch brand De Tuinen.

Rituals… Ice Shower with Organic Bamboo and Japanese Mint 200 ml :

It’s a cooling shower gel with quite strong scent. At first I got it for my boyfriend, but he did’t like the cooling effect and maybe the scent was also too much.

But on the other hand I loved using this product. It smells divine and has a very luxurious masculine perfume-ish scent to it.

I saw some beauty bloggers also had it, so I do not think it was only for men.

Maybe it’s for those people who want something else than a sweet girly scent.


DKNY Be Delicious 30 ml Eau de Parfum Spray :

If you love fresh and sweet scents, then maybe that’s something for you. Cute packaging and easy to throw in your handbag kind a perfume.

Great for using every day, but nothing too over powering.

I’m that kind of person, who likes to use quite a lot of perfume, so this was a good find for me, because I can’t really over do it.

Lancome Grandiose mascara  10 ml :

No doubt this has one of the most beautiful mascara designs in the world. It has a very interesting swan neck brush and it made my lashes very long and not spidery.

It’s not the most cheapest option, when it comes to mascaras, but definitely worth to try out.

Bourjois Paris 123 CC cream 31 ml :

I would describe it more like a foundation with buildable coverage. When it comes to base producs – Bourjois just knows how to do it right.

I really enjoyed using this CC cream.I had the lightest shade 31 Ivory, so it was perfect for my winter / spring complexion.

Bourjois is probably my favorite high street brands.

Clinique Airbrush conceler 04 neutral fair 1.5 ml :

This concealer is so natural and seamless on the skin, perfect for brightening under eye areas and concealing small marks and spots.

Only down side is, that the amount you get, doesn’t last very long. So you need to repurchase it quite often.

I used it mostly for special occasions, where I wanted to look like I’m not wearing heavy concealer look.