Autumn feels always like a fresh start of the year. New beginnings. New season and never giving up.

Today I’m sharing seven random items that I have been loving for the past months. By random I really mean that – food and fashion all in the same jar.

Weather has been tropically hot for the recent weeks. After coming back from Spain, the warmth in the Netherlands seems not coming to an end.

Sometimes it’s okay to sleep on the living room floor, because the bedroom feels like Sahara.

I remember that four years ago, when I came to Netherlands, the warmth was almost the same. But you can’t rewind the time…


I always appreciate a good cup of coffee, but there are also lots of different teas in my tea collection.  A herbal starmint goodness with liquorice, anise, fennel and mint is something I have been craving almost every evening.

Another food theme favourite have to be the roasted eggplant / aubergine dip with tomato and egg. The original name of that Persian dish is Mirza Ghassemi. I saw one youtube recipe and after that I’m hooked on this. So easy to make and delicious option.

Beauty wise the Clinique smart custom-repair moisturizer has been the best find. If you never tried it, you don’t know what you have been missing.

I started using Aussie hair products again. After washing my hair with it I really noticed a difference in texture. For my natural non dyed hair it does wonders. But everyones hair and skin reacts to products differently.

Floral printed items are my real weakness. Wearing this floral jumpsuit makes me every time just feeling so happy. And if it gets colder I add some black tights or leggings and it’s transformed from summer to autumn look.

Another favourite is my cream coloured lace cardigan – I literally have been living in it. For a provocative look I really like to compare lacy items with playful things like dungarees or something unexpected. Feminine meets boyish style or something in that direction.

Forget that colouring books are meant for children. Adult colouring books are quite calming after using constantly all kinds of technology.

I love creativity and using it does focus me away from my day to day worries. Nobody has a perfect life. I try to appreciate and be grateful what I have.

Live the life.