Recently I was browsing in internet about fun things to do in autumn. For example kick some leaves and someone suggesting to start knitting a scarf. I found them quite hilarious.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. The weather ables to wear lots of layers and I like the fall colours more than summer ones. Burgundy, dark navy, earthy and rusty tones and grey, aubergine…and of course black is back.

I like pretty standard activities in fall time, like going to the cinema, eating in a cosy restaurant, baking cookies or a wintery cake ( I love the smell of a warm cake in the oven), and being at home and drinking thousands litres of tea.

I also like finding ideas in internet how to decorate home and I’m really into lighting decor and at the moment I would like to make our guest / my clothing room more interesting and cosy.

And I’m for a hunt for a nice heavy curtains and pendant lamp at the moment.

3 random but great ideas for the coming season …

How you can make world a better place? Being the greater version of ourselves. 

Make something for someone. Give with no expectations. 

Be totally open with someone. People often keep to much in theirselves. Sometimes it’s good to let others know how you feel. 

Have a great fall.  And be gentle with the leaves… you do not have to kick them 😉