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These are the items I like to carry in my handbag in colder months. Winter in the Netherlands have been very gloomy and rainy, so a ‘lightweight’ umbrella is one of the must-haves.

Also there have been days with bright sunshine, so a pair of cat eye sunglasses come always handy if you don’t wanna walk blinded by the sun. That’s of course also a look.

Some beauty items like face powder with a retractable powder brush, pink Joik lip balm, hand cream with Mexican cactus and my smallest bottle of Dkny perfume find their space in my bag.

And obviously my travel / everyday wallet with

my ID and cards, keys, iphone and small cute monkey coin case, where I keep all my coins.

This was a little peek ”what’s in my bag”.

Have a great week ahead!

Don’t forget to be awesome.